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Rent a Maserati in Venice

How many times have you thought about driving through the Italian countryside in a Maserati? The problem many of us have is we simply do not have an extra luxury car hanging around for a drive near Venice! As we know, a car from this brand is an incredibly expensive car and it is not easily accessible to the general population. The solution to this age old dilemma is to choose a Maserati rental in Venice. Knowing that you can easily rent a Maserati, let's take a look at just a few of the destinations you can explore while in the city.

One of the most popular attractions found in Italy is their method of an extraordinary canal system. The canals are used by locals as a means of getting from point A to point B, just as we rely on our highways. However, for most tourists, their first experience with the canal system is one they will always treasure. With that in mind, you should begin your vacation with a tour of the Canal Grande. This will allow you the opportunity to see the entirety of the city as it was designed to be seen. From the canals, you will want to travel over to Doge's Palace.

Doge's Palace is an incredible building that is impossible to miss from just about any location in Venice. Filled with beautiful art, decor, and furnishings it is a must see destination in the city. In fact, it is one of the reasons there is always such a long line to enter in the morning. To save time and get the most out of your vacation time, book a tour online. This will not only let you avoid the lines, it will give you special access once you are inside the palace. In addition, you will learn the history of this magnificent palace, which takes it from a building to something more. After a tour of the palace, make your way to the Basilica di San Marco.

Without a doubt, there are many gorgeous cathedrals across this globe. However, the Basilica di San Marco will take your breath away as you move toward it from the sparkling canals. What sets this cathedral apart from many others, is the fact that it is still operational after 1000 years. The church is free to enter, however, there are certain sections that do require an additional fee. However, for the fee extra Euros, it is worth it to see these gorgeous sections of the church.

Venice is a city that is designed to give you the vacation you have always desired. From magical gondola rides, impressive palaces, and churches that will take your breath away, this city has something special for everyone. If you want to supercharge your vacation, you will want to hire a Maserati in Venice. You will have the speed and power that will let you explore this gorgeous Italian countryside like few others do. If you are ready to begin a dream vacation, contact us and let us put you behind the wheel of a stunning Maserati!

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