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Rent a Mini Cooper in Venice

How often have you dreamed of taking an incredible vacation? With life as complicated and difficult as it can get, almost everyone s dreaming about that special vacation. The problem is that vacations can be quite expensive, especially if you are wanting to have fun and go off and explore on your own. You may have even thought about an incredible vacation in Venice, Italy? Did you know that you can hire a Mini Cooper in Venice for much less than you would expect? Let's see how you can get behind the wheel of a Mini Cooper and see a sampling of what you can do in this city!

This Italian city is home to an incredible amount of canals. In fact, that is one of the reasons the city is so well known today. Why not start your vacation on the Canal Grande and get a full view of what makes this city so spectacular. You can take a full tour of the city for less than you would expect. In fact, you are going to love this ride, you will be taking it several more times during your stay in Italy. Once you have completed the tour of the city on the Canal Grande, grab a water taxi to Doge's Palace.

Doge's Palace is one of the buildings you will see as soon as you enter the city. It is absolutely gorgeous on the outside and just as beautiful inside. The sheer size of the rooms in addition to the luxurious furnishings is amazing. If you are wanting to learn the true history of the building, make sure that you schedule a tour. Not only will you learn more about the history of Doge's Palace, but you will get greater access to the building including the opportunity to cross the bridge of sighs. Your final stop of the day is Basilica di San Marco.

We now find ourselves standing outside the Basilica di San Marco, an immense structure in the center of the square. This beautiful cathedral separates itself by being still being in operation after 1000 years. It is a gorgeous church on the outside as well as inside. The church is free to enter, however, some areas require a minimal fee. It is not that much and the added sections of the church you are able to see will make it well worth it.

Venice is an exciting city that has amazing ties to the past. There are few other places where you can get on a gondola to have breakfast! If you are looking for some other areas to explore outside of the city, you will need a rental car. If you are looking for a fun ride, be sure to check out how to rent a Mini Cooper in Venice. These sporty cars fit right in and are a joy to drive along the coast. If you want to have the best vacation possible, give us a call and we will get you right into a Mini Cooper rental in Venice!

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