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Rent a Pagani in Venice

Have you ever thought it was possible to drive through Italy in a million dollar car? Without a doubt, that is one of those rare events that seems like it is unlikely to happen. Considering few of us have a million dollars to shell out on a car. Most of us would just be satisfied to enjoy a holiday vacation in Italy. However, it is possible to enjoy the countryside of Italy in a stunning million dollar car like a Pagani. In this article we are going to show you a few of the destinations you may want to check out and why you need to hire a Pagani in Venice.

Considering Venice is surrounded by canals, it would make perfect sense that you would start your vacation at the Canal Grande. This is the main canal in the area and you can get a full tour of the city from this one location. Take the time to check out the incredible buildings and sights that litter the city. Most people fall in love with this city from their very first water-taxi or gondola ride. Speaking of which, if you are looking to save some cash, always go with the water-taxi as it will be the cheaper option. Once you have toured the city, it is time to set your sights on Doge's Palace.

There are many palaces spread across the world. Those palaces are simply gorgeous, yet somehow do not compare to that of Doge's Palace. An incredible feat, it is one of those attractions that you have to see or your visit just will not be complete. However, you will want to call ahead for a tour. By doing so, you are not only skipping the exhausting lines but gaining more access to the palace. You will be able to see the prison area and walk across the bridge of sighs. From here you will want to head over to the Basilica di San Marco.

The Basilica di San Marco is an incredible cathedral that has stood for over 1000 years. Today it is a fully operational church with services. It is free to enter the church and look around and you will be glad you did. However, if you want to see the full church, you will want to pay the extra fee and see all the hidden nooks and crannies. It is truly an experience and designed for even those who are not religious.

As you can see, there is more than enough to do in Italy. You can spend a day simply relaxing on water taxis and enjoying the canal or head to incredible buildings that are century years old. However, if you are looking to explore the area outside of the city, you will need a rental car. If you are looking for the ultimate in speed and luxury you will want to rent a Pagani in Venice. If you are serious about a million dollar feeling vacation, give us a call and let us put you in a Pagani rental in Venice.

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