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Rent a Rolls Royce in Venice

When it comes to high quality, luxurious vehicles the Rolls Royce brand is certainly in a league of its own. Of course, experiencing the delights of Venice from the comforts of a Rolls Royce is a surefire way to ensure you have the time of your life while you are in this famous Italian city. In this guide, we’re going to highlight several of the top attractions you’ll want to experience while you’re in Italy, and we will also give you an overview of the top two models currently available for rental – so let’s learn more.

To start with, the city itself has a broad range of things to see and do, which will explain why it is perhaps one of the most visited tourist locations in the entire country. Whether you are looking forward to exploring the maze of canals in the historic waterways or even visiting some of the fashionable designer stores in the shopping districts, you are sure to create memories that you’ll never forget why you are staying in the city.

However, if you want to make sure the experience is one that you remember for a lifetime, then choosing to rent a Rolls Royce in Venice is the smart thing to do. Now, let’s learn more about the different models that are on offer from this famous brand. First of all, you have the Ghost – which earned its name from the original Silver Ghost model that was created way back in 1906. Of course, the car has seen notable upgrades since this time! These days, you can expect to see a 6.6 LV12 engine that gives you a whopping 563 hp and a top speed of around 155 mph – certainly impressive considering the overall weight of the car.

The car has the classic elegance that you would expect from the world-renowned brand, and you will certainly attract attention for all of the right reasons when you are inside this vehicle. Alternatively, you may prefer the Phantom – which is another notorious model that is well loved by many motoring fans. This car is truly a monster, weighing in at an astonishing 2.5 tons, but still offers excellent handling and performance as you’d expect. Performance wise, the car uses a 6.75 LV12 engine that gives you are a whopping 453 hp and a top speed of around 155 mph.

Ultimately, this limousine is a fantastic way to experience the city of Venice, especially if you’re planning to bring along your friends and family to enjoy the ride because the car is surprisingly spacious throughout. It’s also worth noting that this is one of the most luxurious cars that has ever been created, so if you’re looking for a slice of luxury and comfort, you simply can’t go wrong by getting behind the wheel of this car. Overall, choosing Rolls Royce rental in Venice is the smart choice for anybody who values their comfort and luxury while they are exploring the city – regardless of whether you are visiting as a tourist or simply for work-related reasons. Let us help you hire a Rolls Royce in Venice.

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