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Rent a Hummer in Verona

Verona has an abundance of things to fall in love with. From the enchanting mix of culture and history, to the memorable art and romance, it's a city that knows how to please tourists and have them coming back for more. If you are thinking about making this city your next exotic getaway destination, it's time to find out what you can expect to see and do while you are there. That's why we are going to tell you about a few places that we think are absolute must-sees!

The Roman amphitheater, often called the Arena, is the iconic symbol of the city. With a history that dates right back to the first century and is full of gladiator shows that would certainly make your hair stand on end, this is an attraction that knows how to give the wow factor. The structure is impressive and embraces everything we could expect from an amphitheater. The interior has terraces and a certain style that gives it a feeling of grandeur. In days gone by, the Arena hosted 30,000 spectators and gladiators, today it is home to musical events and functions.

If you are visiting Italy, we highly recommend you schedule plenty of time for this iconic attraction. During the summer months it is open every day, however from October to June it is closed on Mondays. The home of Romeo and Juliet is an excellent choice for romantics and literary lovers. The Capulet's house is right in the center of the city and is a loved landmark by tourist and local alike. The home boasts a Gothic front door and stunning brick façade. You can visit this atmospheric home from Tuesday through to Sunday from 8:30 in the morning until 7:30 in the evening. If you plan to visit on Monday you need to wait until after 1:30.

Clearly, this is a city that has plenty to offer its guests! Whether you are an old romantic, a lover of history or simply enjoy a city market, good food and a spot of people watching, Verona has it all! Of course, the best way to truly enjoy a new city is to have your own transport while there. Wait a moment, not only should you have your own transport, you should have your own chauffeur as well! So how about a Hummer rental in Verona? That's right, you will have a luxury car and a knowledgeable driver at your disposal.

If you decide to rent a Hummer in Verona, you get the chance to embrace everything that this beautiful, romantic city is all about. From the stunning attractions to the beautiful landscape, and from the lively city scene to the tranquil hidden places, deciding to hire a Hummer in Verona lets you enjoy them all! Are you going to visit Italy in the near future? It sure does make a great city getaway! Just be sure to have a luxury car and chauffeur at your disposal and you're ready to take a seat of comfort in a city of luxury!

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