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Rent a Porsche in Verona

Have you already visited Northern Italy? If you have, you know all about the magic, beauty and culture that there is to experience. One city in Northern Italy that is especially popular with tourists is Verona. What makes this city such an excellent choice for people who wish to visit Northern Italy? There are many reasons, but we are going to tell you about just a few of them.

The Teatro Romano is one attraction that leaves a lasting memory in the minds' of many visitors to Italy. Some of the ruins have been partially constructed and act as a cultural tourist destination during the summer months. There is a semi-circular seating areas and a significant area of ruins behind the actual theater. As well as enjoying the Teatro Romano, the location affords magnificent views of the Ponte Pietro bridge, as well as the charming red-tile roofs of the city, a stunning moment for a memorable picture.

Just a word to note however, this attraction doesn't offer a lot in the way of information and background. It's best to either do your homework in advance, or simply soak up the atmosphere and let your imagination run wild. A visit to the Castelvecchio is another great recommendation during a visit to Italy. This site was likely a Roman fortress in days gone by, now it is home to the Castelvecchio Museum and Gallery. You can easily spend half a day at this attraction with plenty of inspiration to enjoy.

The Giardino Giusti is a little out of town, but well worth the drive. The gardens, grottoes and fountains are nothing short of spectacular. In fact both Mozart and Goethe visited here, surely the place was an inspiration to them. For a haven of peace outside of the bustling city, pack a picnic, jump in your rental vehicle and enjoy the gardens and spectacular views that Giardino Giusti has to offer. I guess to 'jump in your rental vehicle' means you need to have one organized in advance! Here at Apex Luxury Car Hire we know all about the advantages of having your own wheels during a city break. It gives a sense of freedom, a vibe of fun and the opportunity to get, and stay, in charge of your getaway.

There are many luxury cars that would make great rental choices for this city, but allow us to make one recommendation; to rent a Porsche in Verona. What makes a Porsche rental in Verona such a perfect match for this part of Northern Italy? Verona may have a rich history and abundance of cultural attractions, but it is still a city that embraces style, adores fashion, and knows all about making a great impression. So if you have an upcoming trip planned to this beautiful Italian city, don't settle for an ordinary run of the mill vehicle, instead choose to hire a Porsche in Verona, after all it's an Italian city that loves to be stylish!

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