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Rent an Aston Martin

Aston Martin car hire- They have been making Aston Martins since 1913 but perhaps the most famous of this famous line came out fifty years later and became one of the best known cars ever to appear in the movies. James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5, which featured in the film Goldfinger, brought the classic characteristics of the Aston Martins before a bigger audience than ever. The sleek and beautiful lines of the silver car entranced a generation of viewers who from then on thought of Aston Martins as supercars. Of course the production Aston Martins did not come with Bond’s Q-Branch add-ons. Real Aston Martins did not and still do not carry forward any rear firing machine guns as standard, or incorporate tyre-busters, oil slick releasers, smoke screen producers or front passenger ejector seats. Real Aston Martins do not need such features to be outstanding. For this reason alone Aston Martin rental is the best choice out there!
Aston Martins have always been special cars. Aston Martins in the inter war era won races and set world speed records. But the birth of the modern Aston Martins, the cars loved and admired by so many, came in 1947 when the company was taken over by, strangely enough, a tractor manufacturer. David Brown Limited’s managing director, Sir David Brown, father of the modern Aston Martins and the ‘DB’ of the classic marks, was in some ways like Ferrucio Lamborghini, who came after him. Both men moved from the practical and down to earth world of farming machinery into the glamorous world of high performance cars, and there is little more glamorous than the sleek and sophisticated Aston Martins of the ‘DB’ class.
1947 was an important year not just for the Aston Martins and David Brown Limited but also for Lagonda which was also purchased by Sir David’s company. He wanted Lagonda’s 2.6 litre engine, which had been designed by W. O. Bentley to power the planned new lines of Aston Martins. Sure enough the classic DB Aston Martins followed in a regular series throughout the 1950s: first up was the DB2, launched in May 1950. This ‘sports-saloon’ car with its 2.6 litre Langonda engine and its dual overhead cam straight-6 was the first of the Aston Martins to attract the attention of the motoring public in the aftermath of the Second World War and was a definite success. It was followed by the DB2/4, one of the grand touring Aston Martins. The DB Mark III was the first of the Aston Martins to feature a 2.9 litre engines and also a hydraulic clutch.
1957’s DB4 caused a sensation when it first appeared and it is easy to see why as it was the best looking of the Aston Martins to date, with its continental styling. It also boasted a powerful 3.7 litre engine which gave it an outstanding performance for its day. It was father to the most famous yet of the Aston Martins, the DB5, and the famous luxury Grandtourer which James Bond drove. The engine this time was a 4-litre all aluminium model. Other new features included a five-speed transmission and three SU carburettors which gave the beautiful machine a top speed of 145 mph. Enjoy your Aston Martin car rental experience with Apex luxury car hire.