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vehicle specifications

  • Engine
    3.0L 6-cylinder
  • bhp
  • 0-100 km/h
  • top speed
    305 km

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  • M. Runyon

    ...It was amazing and exhilarating! I could feel the power in my hands while driving the car! It was like being in control of a beautiful and powerful beast.

  • Jann R.

    The car was in good shape and I liked the hassle-free collection service.

  • Barry Branch

    Imagine the looks we got from people! And of course the feeling of riding an amazing car is really unique - I will not forget that experience. Thanks!

Hire a BMW M4 Convertible

There is nothing like driving a convertible when you want a sports car. Put the top down, and you are set to go cruising. Pick up the pace, and you are going to feel the wind in your hair. Not every day is a day to put the top down, but convertibles are adaptable. The BMW M4 Convertible is quite the classy machine. Would you like one with an automatic transmission or a manual transmission? The baseline manual price is right around $77k, and the baseline automatic price is right around $80k.

That's about what you can expect when you go car hunting for the M4 Convertible by BMW. What type of horespower does this car have? The range is anywhere from 425 to 444 horsepower. Hey, it's not a Ferrari, but that's some serious power, don't you agree? BMW makes excellent automobiles with all the luxuries, and they are well constructed. They are known for being one of the best luxury automakers worldwide.

The specs mentioned so far are for the 2018 BMW M4 Convertible. You can purchase an M4 without getting a convertible, but why would you do that? You can get the convertible option, which allows you to put the top down for those summertime road trips. Not everyone enjoys a convertible though. I had my times when I didn't think too highly of them, but nowadays, I enjoy the thought of riding around with the top down.

If you do, too, then you can certainly purchase one of these luxury sports vehicles for under $100k. That's about as good as it gets right there. How does a BMW sound to you? You're going to be behind the wheel of a luxury sports car with tons of horsepower. It has all the bells and whistles. When looking at pictures of this convertible, you are going to see it is equipped with all the accent features as well.

The M4 was BMW's replacement for the M3. There were both convertible models and standard models available. Now you just need to find the dealer that has this car availble. There are plenty of them out there. You can even look at options for used M4's so you can get a discount. What's the price you are willing to pay? For $80k, you can get a brand new one, and you might even be able to do a little better than that.

Descriptions mention that carbon fiber is used extensively throughout the vehicle, so that is good to know. What else do you need to know in terms of construction of this vehicle and its luxury features? Perhaps you are thinking more about what color car you're going to get. There are certainly all kinds of options, and you can look at what other upgrades are available, too. Maybe you are thinking about an automatic transmission, but you know, I would have to go manual with a sports car. It gives you more control over the vehicle and its power, and it feels good to drive a manual transmission.