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Facts About The Ferrari Portofino That You Need To Know

Named after a village in the Italian Riviera, the Ferrari Portofino is the latest offering from the car giant. If you are interested in Ferrari or any sports cars, you need to know about the Ferrari Portofino. There are a number of facts that you should know about which will help you understand this vehicle better.

What Is The Ferrari Portofino?

The Ferrari Portofino is has been promoted as the affordable Ferrari. While this might not be what most people view as affordable, it is an entry-level Ferrari. The Portofino is set to replace the California T as the drop-top entry into the world of Ferrari ownership.

The look of the Portofino is similar to the Ferrari 812 Superfast. There are a number of coupe proportions which the Portofino offers such as L-shaped lights and the meaty exhausts. The elegance of the Portofino is considered refreshing by many experts when it is compared to some of the other Ferrari models which have recently been released.

The Power Of The Car

When you look at any sports car, you need to consider the power. The Ferrari Portofino has a 3.8-liter V8 engine which is the same as the California T. However, the difference is that it offers 39bhp more for a grand total of 592bhp at 7,500rpm. There will also be no complaints about the torque which offers 560lb/ft which is focused on the rear wheels.

There are other points which make the Portofino more powerful than the California T that it replaces. The variable-displacement oil pump is believed to reduce the requirement for hydraulic power by 30%. There is also a new intercooler which keeps the engine cooler for longer. The new exhaust system in the vehicle will also help increase the overall power of the vehicle.

The Variable Boost Management

The Portofino does feature variable boost management which means that the torque will be reduced when using lower gears. This will ensure that the power delivered by the engine will be effective and you will never have to worry about a loss of grip. The variable boost management along with the electronic limited-slip differential in the vehicle means that you will easily be able to maximize your vehicle power on the track or road.

It is important to note that the Portofino is also the first Ferrari to have an electronically controlled by-pass valve. This will control the level of exhaust noise which makes the car quieter. At the point of ignition, the valve will be closed for moderate sound and open slowly as more power is needed.

The Speed

While it is important to know about the power you get, this will mean nothing if you do not consider speed. The Ferrari Portofino is able to reach 124mph in just 10.8 sections. This means that the vehicle is a tenth of a second faster than the old California T. However, the Portofino will be a tenth of a second slower than the all-wheel-drive Ferrari GTC4Lusso. The top speed of the Portofino is beyond 199mph and will be able to stop from 62mph at standing on 34 meters.