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vehicle specifications

  • Engine
    50L V8
  • bhp
  • top speed
    160 km

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Hire a Jaguar XJ

Apex Luxury Car Hire ensures that all the prestige vehicles we offer for hire are maintained to the highest possible standards and now we welcome the arrival of the Jaguar XJ. Our trained professionals in customer services will be happy to assist you and we recommend that you rent a Jaguar XJ today, to experience all that this prestige car delivers.The XJ has a choice of engines: a supercharged petrol engine with a 335bhp 3.0 V6 and a 503bhp 5.0 V8. There's also a 3.0 V6 diesel which can get from 0 to 62 in 6 seconds.
The diesels torque is pretty awesome too.With Jaguar XJ car rental, you will see that its capabilities are endless. There's barely a noise from the twin exhausts. The Jaguar XJ is lighter than most luxury saloons and is fantastically agile. Pinpoint steering also adds to the overall class of the car. The Jaguar XJ is built from aluminum so there will never be any problem with rust and it also scores top marks for mechanical reliability. Inside the cabin there are electrically adjustable seats for comfort and a steering wheel that can move as well.
You will become instantly aware of legroom and headroom in the front.The XJ is a brilliant drive and has a superb interior cabin and lots of luxury accessories including a rising rotary gear selector, a touch-screen infotainment system and digital instrument dials. . The cabin looks lovely and has been well thought out. With lavish veneers, bull’s eye air vents, and chrome and ebony detailing, it is really gorgeous, and enhances the traditional Jaguar detailing. Try out Jaguar XJ hire to experience this incredible car with everything someone with luxury driving in mind could want and need! There is a huge 52-litre boot as well. Other features include leather-trim, dual-zone climate control, twin glass sunroofs and a touch-screen infotainment system.
The standard full-length panoramic glass roof that floods the cabin with natural light allows the XJ to offer an unrivalled sense of spaciousness and occasion for driver and passengers and at the same time retain the sleek coupe-like profile and prestigious stance for which Jaguar cars are famous. The ground-breaking styling is matched by innovative construction techniques. The lightweight aluminium structure – 50%of which is made from recycled materials – offers reduced weight and improved efficiency.
In conjunction with a full lifecycle approach to design and manufacture, this allows the XJ to minimize its carbon footprint. The weight saved by the use of aluminium also has benefits for performance and agility and is complemented by the most advanced, powerful and efficient Jaguar powertrains ever. All engines are coupled to a shift-by-wire, six-speed automatic transmission controlled by the Jaguar Drive Selector and steering wheel-mounted paddles. Rent a Jaguar XJ for its prestigious presence on the road and its effortless driving capabilitiesJaguar XJ rental for a truly luxurious driving experience for you and your passengers, Apex make this a simple process so contact us today. Starting daily prices from €240.00