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Rent a Lamborghini

Rent a Lamborghini. The name of Lamborghini is one to conjure with as Lamborghinis have, over the last fifty years, developed a formidable reputation for power, refinement, style and high-performance. It would be true to say that Lamborghinis symbolize the top-end of the automotive market and also the Italian tradition of craftsman-build and elegant design. As symbols of the luxury car market, the success of the Lamborghinis has tended to vary with the performance of the international economy. When times were good, people who were doing well wanted one of the Lamborghinis parked in their garage, conversely when times were bad, as after the 1970s oil shock and the financial depression of the late 2000s, Lamborghinis became the kinds of luxury that only the luckiest few could afford. With Lamborghini rental you have your chance behind the wheel.
Certainly Lamborghinis have come a long way, and being high performance cars they have done it quickly. The story of the Lamborghinis began with Ferruccio Lamborghini founding his tractor business in the aftermath of the Second World War. It is certainly a long step from tractors to Lamborghinis, but the founder’s success was based on producing tractors from surplus military equipment. The father of the Lamborghinis was an excellent businessman and in time he moved from tractors into heating systems and air conditioning and became a wealthy and successful man. It was from his hard work that the Lamborghinis were born. The rich and successful Ferrucio Lamborghini spent some of his wealth on high end sports cars, but even the best of them failed to satisfy his high standards, and this failure to satisfy led to the first of the Lamborghinis.
It appeared in 1963, the Lamborghini 350 GTV and V12 coupe with two seats and like all Lamborghinis it featured the famous bull logo, a reference to Ferrucio Lamborghini’s birth sign of Taurus. The 350 GTV, like the other Lamborghinis of this early period, such as the sophisticated Miura road car which made its debut in 1966, were well-received. Indeed the Miura, one of the best known of the early Lamborghinis, established rear mid-engine, rear wheel drive as the preferred layout for the other top-end high performance cars that trailed in its wake.
Ferrucio Lamborghini sold his interest in his famous business in 1972 and the production of the Lamborghinis has since come under several new managements, including Chrysler and more recently Audi. But the Lamborghinis’ reputation for ferocious performance remains undiluted. As we noted above, Lamborghinis are fair weather birds, selling best when the international economy is booming and selling worst when the economy slumps. But the Lamborghinis themselves remain as the epitome of the stylish high-performance luxury car. More recent models that have kept up the name of the Lamborghinis include the Lamborghini Diabolo, the Lamborghini Murcielago, the smaller and more accessible V10 Gallardo and most recently 2011’s Aventador, which had its first outing at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. The latest of the Lamborghinis is a fitting representative of the great line as a whole, combining extreme good looks with a top speed of a mere 217 miles per hour. Lamborghinis may have been born out of tractor money, but they don’t look like them or drive like them! Rent a Lamborghini for a day, a week or however long you please because we can assure you once you get behind the wheel of any of our Lamborghinis you won’t want to sit anywhere else!