Rent a Mercedes McLaren 650S Coupe

vehicle specifications

  • Engine
    3.8L V8 twin-turbo
  • bhp
  • 0-100 km/h
  • top speed

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    They were helpful and very flexible in dealing with my complicated booking, which included a last minute change.

Hire a Mercedes McLaren 650S Coupe

The Mercedes McLaren 650S Coupe is an official new addition to the growing portfolio of McLaren and the 12C which was released to compete with Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini at the super league. The new 650S is more expensive yet more powerful, but provided the expenditure of 12C buyers on personalization and extras, the price hype does not seem to be a hindrance. Those who love to shop for sports cars would nonetheless go purchase this new model.

Super car lovers are easy to tempt with the latest and greatest. Where the 12C, also known as the MP4-12C was similar to Ferrari 458 in almost every aspect, except the sheer look and heritage, the 650S gives its core message - 650 PS that is usually a 641 horsepower - advertising that it outshines its opposition. At least for now.

Talking to the enthusiastic and forthright engineering team of McLaren, it becomes evident that the 650S offers more than the 12C, generating more grunt and power. One of the engineering members of this luxury car provides “this is the car we would have liked to design in the first place” and “Even a company with such high engineering standards as McLaren is bound to commit a few mistakes. The previous 12C had audio and navigation system issues. After a few discoveries it was realized that the customer base expected a more visually pleasant and exciting product.”

This new luxury car comes with a seven speed dual clutch gearbox that allows super-fast gear shifts with peerless efficiency. Using the rocker shift paddle inspired by Formula 1 attached with the steering wheel, you can take control of the gear shifts. This suggests that the gearshifts are at your fingertips all the time. And you can always switch to auto.

Not only is this luxury car designed to offer a breathtaking view, the interior and exterior is designed to allow your eyes to remain on the road. The dashboard is placed logically and simply, while the steering wheel remains uncluttered. The low cowl is another advantage of the powerful V8 positioned behind you - allowing you to keep a check of the road without any obstruction, while the arch tops are positioned above the front wheels with clear visibility from the driver’s seat. This suggests that you can easily park, reverse and have access to road grip.

Where McLaren 650S delivers a sports car level of performance, the company has not compromised on convenience and luxury. The McLaren 650S features communication, entertainment and media systems as standard equipment encompassing SIRIUS for the American and European markets.

Hire a Mercedes McLaren 650S Coupe to experience what a quality luxury ride is like. Our car rental services give you access to an extensive range of super cars. Our services aim at providing our customers with luxury and experience they have never had before. It is our commitment to keep a check of quality and service of the car. All our models are insured and come with GPS tracking pre-installed.