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Rent a Pagani

A car that truly redefines the elements of both style and comfort and lets you experience a valuable travelling experience is what a Pagani proudly stands for! Your itinerary ought to be a memorable one if there is a togetherness of three basic elements that are a dream destination, a comfortable means of transportation and the company of your beloved ones.

A comfortable vehicle is certainly a need in any outstretched voyage and what better if luxury is added as topping. And with Pagani by your side, you will be pleased to observe that your needs are met and also this dream car will pave way for your upcoming expectations throughout the flow of the journey. So, without a second thought, rent a Pagani and travel in the sparkling streets of your dream destination transforming moments into beautiful memories.

Historical background

The mastermind and intellectual creator behind the various versions of Pagani is Horacio Pagani who indeed has transformed a dream into reality. Finding roots in Argentina, Mr. Pagani is believed to have an obsession with cars since his childhood. In the year 1983, at a young age of just 28, he migrated to the dazzling realms of Italy in order to fulfill his dream to create a wonder car that would be enriched with specifications for a luxury car that would become an embodiment of sheer elegance, grace and style.

He later collaborated with Lamborghini where a new invention was constructed, the Countach Evoluzione, which was a brand new Lambo concept with the lining of carbon fiber all over its domain. In the year 1991, a Modena Design was brought into picture to cater to the potential needs as well the demands of the precised engineering and designing works. The ultimate car Zonda C12 was introduced and brought into limelight at the prestigious Geneva Motor Show in 1999.

Available models

Let us draw your attention to some of the available models of this prestigious car brand that simply adorns your voyage with more power, vigor and enthusiasm:

  • Zonda: The youth of today is super quick and so are the Paganis! Undoubtedly, phenomenal speedy and stylish cars, these are in vogue among individuals all across the entire globe. The prominence of V12 DOHC engines that are a product of Mercedes Benz division; this car brings to more power with the embellishments of modifiable suspensions, adaptable transmission configurations, lighter weight and much more!


  • Huayra: Making its prominence felt in the year 2012, a few special and trendy editions of the same has thrilled the car enthusiasts all over the world. However, the official debut of this version of Pagani was accomplished at the Geneva Auto Salon in March 2011. Taking into account minute detailing of the car that flows into strings of opulence and charisma, this car will surely not disappoint you during the events of your most awaited journey. Comfortable interiors are equipped with wide and lavish cabins along with a V12 Engine, adding on to your style quotient and magnifying your comfort zone. The moment Huarya meets the ambit of your eyes; you will be compelled to rent a Pagani of this iconic version, which is undoubtedly close to perfection!


  • C9: The Pagani C9 is all set to bring upon a new trend of style and sheer elegance. The outrageous performance and radical designs have eminently placed them successfully in the very top position of speedy and plush cars. Powered by a 6.0 V12 litre engine that brings more power to you, this car is undoubtedly going to let you drive a dream car worthy of appreciation and recognition. A complete new car concept has defined by the manufacturer; C9 awaits your gracious presence in the vicinity of its interiors.