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Rent a Porsche

Rent a porsche. Porsche is well-known as a high performance car which offers the driver complete driving satisfaction. Not only that, but the Porsche is synonymous with style and sophistication. Owning a Porsche is both a status symbol and a source of much enjoyment for many drivers around the world.
Ferdinand Porsche was the man responsible for the original design of the Porsche. He was a German automobile engineer who had first worked designing tanks for the German army. In the 1920s he moved to designing Volkswagen cars and after the end of World War Two, he and his son Ferry Porsche decided to build their first car from scratch.
In Gmund, Austria, Ferdinand Porsche created the first Porsche car, the Porsche 356. It had a 1086cc. engine based on a VW design, with light alloy bodywork. The Porsche 356 was soon in high demand and Porsche created 50 of these models.
The Porsche 356 was a sports car with a rear-mounted four-cylinder boxer engine, just like the VW. It was not a powerful sports car, reaching 40 bhp and a top speed of 87 mph. However, the 356 did have a distinct, elegant body. Erwin Komenda was influential in creating this streamlined design, with the ‘closed coupe’ look. Soon the Porsche 356 was the embodiment of the fashionable sports car of the day.
The streamlined look was carried on by Eric Komenda and Ferdinand ‘Butzi’ Porsche, who was the grandson of Ferdinand Porsche, in the design of the Porsche 911, which was released in 1964. Easily recognisable, the 911 had a sloping bonnet, a straight ‘waistline’, and ‘frog eye’ headlights, all of which would go on to be instantly known as Porsche trademarks. The 911 went on to become the cornerstone of the Porsche ‘look’, its gentle curves running from the windscreen to the rear bumper soon synonymous with both a high quality drive and total interior comfort. Rent a Porsche for its luxurious yet sporty appearance and feel.
Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Porsche attempted to distance itself from its predecessors, with the release of the ‘people’s Porsche’ 924 model and 928 models. However, these cars were not as successful as the original 911 and by the 1990s the company realised how they could truly play to their strengths, by focusing on their original designs. It was around this time that Porsche cars became highly profitable, as the company realised that the classic features of the cars were in fact the best. Apex will gladly provide Porsche rental on the model you require.
The 40-storng team of designers working for Porsche went on to refine and improve the Porsche 911. A combination of racing and sports car, the 911 GT1 was released in 1996 to widespread acclaim. The Cayenne and the Boxster models also achieved critical success during this decade, thus ensuring the future of the Porsche’s second line of independent models.
By 2007, Porsche was the world’s most profitable manufacturer of cars. Annual profits exceeded 4 billion Euros. The distinctive crest and smooth body design of the Porsche models are known the world over and are still as well-loved and well-regarded now as they were fifty years ago. Rent a Porsche in some of the most exotic destinations in the world and we assure you it will be an experience to remember.