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vehicle specifications

  • Engine
    6.3L V12
  • bhp
  • 0-100 km/h
  • top speed

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Hire a LaFerrari

Planning for a vacation requires you to make arrangements for your commute. Since you have already assigned a budget towards fun, why not do it the right way. To rent a LaFerrari is not only about having a mode of transportation; it is a vacation in itself. LaFerrari is bound to give your holiday a new twist. This time around, your destination would welcome you with a bang.

It is the most powerful and technologically advanced in the range of models this brand offers. It’s compositional and layout design is very inventive and makes it stand out from the crowd. The very sleek silhouette is still consistent of the renowned signature classic mid-rear longitudinal V12 sports car.

This luxury car is your excuse for a vacation; it will make your journey most possibly better than your destination.  The interior is conceived with mind blowing aesthetics. The seat remains fixed in its position but the pedal box and the steering wheel can be customized to suit the driver’s individual preference. The cockpit therefore is your control room. LaFerrari gives you the freedom to have fun. Imitating a racing car, most of the controls are fixed compactly into the steering wheel. The dashboard is incorporated with an innovative display that allows you to view the traditional tachometer and another one which is specially designed for track use. You can make the most of a road trip just by renting out a LaFerrari because it will simply fail to disappoint.

Even with the upgrading of the many electronic components and the KERS system from that of its ancestor, the car size remarkably remains the same. The exterior is as striking as ever. The strong wheel arches, smooth curves and the glistening headlights will give you a memorable drive to a fabulous evening event. The stylized low bonnet lets you head out with ultimate pride and satisfaction.

Whatever form your vacation takes, whether you are in for a number of corporate deals or a mellow travel to a city you really like. This luxury sports car takes you around in utmost comfort, style and boosts your energy. Thus helping you fulfill the purpose of a great vacation.

The hybrid power unit administers the HY-KERS system which optimizes the torque level to over 900Nm. The variable frequency control lowers the amount of fuel consumed and boosts performance. The hybrid technology has immensely revolutionized the braking system and damping control.

This car is pure aggression in its style while at the same time it is sporty and adventurous. The two groves in the car’s tail are the source of its speed. The excess heat from the engine is passed out from the grooves. The downforce helps it power through and increases stability. It has a maximum speed of over 350km/h.

Built for highly distinguished clients, LaFerrari combines great performance and functionality with highly efficient technology. Driving around in one of these supercars would mark a milestone vacation. It is your chance to celebrate your success and also to recharge your batteries. Hiring this car at your next holiday is an invitation to an exclusive blend of luxury and adventure.