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Hire a McLaren 720S Spider

'Spiderman, Spiderman does whatever a spider can...' - except when it comes to the McLaren 720S Spider there's no wall crawling or gazing down from the rooftops - it is sheer adrenaline on the road.

At the end of December 2018 McLaren filled every Supercar lovers stocking with the release of the McLaren 720S Spider. At least for those who wanted the feel of the wind through their hair. it's not the first foray that McLaren has made into the world of Arachnids - in fact, they have been creepy before with the other 'spyders' in their lineup

But this is new - and has supercar owners crawling up the walls in an effort to get their hands on the wheel of this magnificent automobile. Why would that be? There are plenty of other supercar brands out there - a driver in search of the ultimate speed experience can simply pick and choose. If they have the bank balance to support their love of speed.

So what would a lover of beauty and speed want with a McLaren 720S Spider?

Of course, McLaren has shoved that much loved 4.0-liter V8 engine in there - and it is just perfect for a car of this size and weight. At 2,937 pounds it is a car of featherweight lightness when it is compared to others in the calls of speed and power. And there is power. The McLaren 720S Spider gives back to the driver what it takes away in terms of the roof. This is truly what McLaren is all about. Forget that poster on the way of that bikini-clad model of the supercar for the eighties - this is a car that screams 'Welcome to the new century'.

The carbon fiber body is fit to lick - and the engine is there for those who want a more aural experience served up supercar style. However for those with hairpieces, one might be so bold as to suggest a hat. Glued on. Because of this convertible will hit 200 mph without watching for a side stop for a selfie.

Motoring journalists had been quick to dismiss the convertible 720S as just a fad. Until they got in one. This is not an afterthought from McLaren - it is a car that has been designed from the ground up. It's the weight that makes all the difference - McLaren has really put their engineers to work here - it is lighter than anything that McLaren has ever made - and the 7-speed gearbox allows the driver to translate that weight into sheer speed and responsiveness. The twin turbo 4-liter V8 screams at 710 horsepower. This is not a casual Sunday Drive sort of automobile.

Although - to be fair McLaren has learned that when some is going to shell out in the region of $400k they are going to have to make it at least pleasant to sit in - and they have. This is an open top vehicle that makes you want to scream with delight - it'll also make you scream with pure joy at the McLaren speed and wonder at handling. Get your hands around the wheel as soon as possible by booking with Apex today!